old king cole lyrics Song In English

old king cole lyrics Song In English| Twenty One Pilots Lyrics

Song Name old kingcole lyrics Song In English
Singer(s) Twenty One Pilots
Lyricist(s) Twenty One Pilots
Music(s) Twenty One Pilots

old king cole lyrics Song In English sung by Twenty One Pilots lyrics written by Twenty One Pilots music given by Twenty One Pilots.English Song Lyrics

old king cole lyrics Song In English | Twenty One Pilots Lyrics

Old King Cole was a merry old soul
And a merry old soul was he;
He called for his pipe, and he called for his bowl
And he called for his fiddlers three.
Every fiddler he had a fiddle,
And a very fine fiddle had he;
Oh there’s none so rare, as can compare
With King Cole and his fiddlers three

“Old King Cole” Original Version
Good King Cole,
And he call’d for his Bowle,
And he call’d for Fidler’s three;
And there was Fiddle, Fiddle,
And twice Fiddle, Fiddle,
For ’twas my Lady’s Birth-day,
Therefore we keep Holy-day
And come to be merry

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